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SEEKHEART Rotating vibrating blowjob masturbator

SEEKHEART Rotating vibrating blowjob masturbator

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1.Transparent Sleeve: Watch as your penis is massaged for an incredibly visual experience!
2.360° Rotation: Experience mind-blowing pleasure with full-circle rotation that mimics a real tongue swirling around your sweet spot.
3.Multiple Modes: Enjoy 5 rotating and 10 vibrating settings to enhance your pleasure.
4.Realistic Feel: Soft and easy to insert, accommodating any size. Realistic-feeling lips and tongue-like nubs surround your erection.
5.User-Friendly Controls: Quick and easy-to-use control buttons light up for convenience.
6.Easy to Clean: Simply pull apart without twisting or turning. Rinse with warm water and wipe away any residue. Reassemble once completely dry.

product specifications

• Features:
5 Rotating, 10 Vibrating
• Function:
5 Rotation, 10 Vibration, Oral Sex
• Frequency:
10 Frequencies
• Color:
• Material:
• Waterproof:
• Mute:
<60 dB
• Power Type:
USB Charging
• Charging Time:
180 mins
• Run Time:
60 mins
• Package Included:
Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Manual x1
• Size:
9.05*2.17 in
• Weight:
0.9 lbs
• Inlet Diameter:
2.5 in

Packing List

Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Manual x1

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Hi, I'm Cecilia, Solutions Manager on the SeekHeart team. Welcome to

Many people crave the pleasure of oral sex but face obstacles such as an unwilling partner, inconvenience, or the absence of a partner. The SEEKHEART Rotating Vibrating Blowjob Masturbator is the perfect solution, offering a self-satisfying experience that mimics the sensations of real oral sex. Paired with our premium water-soluble lubricant, this set ensures maximum comfort and pleasure. Explore and enjoy the ultimate oral sensation anytime, without relying on anyone else. Treat yourself to the ultimate pleasure experience!

  • scene 1

    Imagine waking up one morning with a surge of sexual desire. With the SEEKHEART Rotating Vibrating Blowjob Masturbator at your side, you can indulge in a realistic and satisfying experience. Picture your favorite woman giving you an incredible blowjob—how amazing would that be? Simply lubricate the masturbator with our premium water-soluble lube, and adjust to your preferred mode. The soft, teeth-free design ensures maximum comfort, while the clear, flexible TPE material accommodates up to 2.99 inches, delivering a heavenly mix of rotating and vibrating sensations. It's so good, you'll keep coming back for more!

    Pro Tip: Always use the lubricant for the best experience.

  • scene 2

    Feeling a bit lonely, you're browsing adult videos or websites on your couch or in front of your computer. Soon, your sexual interest is piqued, especially as you watch a couple engaging in oral sex on screen. That's when you can reach for the SEEKHEART Rotating Vibrating Oral Sex Masturbator. Imagine yourself as the man in the video, with your favorite woman lying between your legs, pleasuring you with her mouth. The experience is incredible!

    The masturbator provides a controlled cyclone of 360-degree rotation around your penis, delivering a tornado of pleasure. Inside the cup, dozens of soft teasers rotate 360 degrees around your tip, massaging you from multiple angles and hitting all your sweet spots, including the ultra-sensitive frenulum. This offers more stimulation than a regular masturbator, maximizing the pleasure for explosive orgasms! Plus, it features 5 different speeds and rotation modes, ensuring you can tailor the experience to your desires.

    Pro Tip: Always use the included water-soluble lubricant for the best experience.

  • scene 3

    You're camping in the wild and suddenly feel a surge of sexual desire. That's when you reach for the SEEKHEART Rotating Vibrating Oral Sex Masturbation Device. Conveniently portable and easy to disassemble, it's the perfect companion for your adventures. Simply apply the included lube, find a quiet spot, and set it to your preferred frequency. Let it gently envelop your penis.

    With one-hand operation, you can effortlessly select and control its 5 rotating and 10 vibrating functions, delivering deep, engulfing vibrations. Accommodating up to 2.99 inches, it offers on-demand stimulation like never before. The indicator lights on its textured, non-slip ABS plastic housing guide your way to ultimate pleasure.

    Pro Tip: Use the lubricant for a smooth, realistic feel and to protect against chafing. Unleash your desires in the beauty of nature. When you're done, cleaning is a breeze—just rinse with a little water.

    Embrace the wild and satisfy your urges with this ultimate pleasure device!

  • Buy with caution

    While the SEEKHEART Rotating Vibrating Blowjob Masturbator offers incredible pleasure, it's essential to note that its insertable size is limited to 2.99 inches and may not fully encompass the entire penis. While we haven't received any complaints from customers regarding this aspect, we understand that some users may prefer a product that provides complete coverage.

Hi, I’m Seekheart Customer Success Manager: Nicole.(√)

When you encounter various problems such as product quality and delivery during the shopping process or experience, you can contact me. I will work with the solution manager: Cecilia and the entire SeekHeart team to properly solve it for you. Contact information: service (preferred) or (optional).