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SEEKHEART A1 Lens Tube Masturbation Cup

SEEKHEART A1 Lens Tube Masturbation Cup

Telescopic, Vibrating, and Sucking

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10 types of vibration, 5 types of suction, 5 types of telescopicity
Transparent window, different visual impact
Can be disassembled or combined to try many different experiences
The labia are sexy and plump, as tight as a girl’s

Erogenous Zones

Glans and Frenulum

product specifications

Function: 5 Suking+5Thrusting+10 Vibrating
Material: TPE, ABS
Waterproof: IPX6
Mute: <60 dB(≈54dB)
Power Type: USB Charging
Charging Time: 240 mins
Run Time: 90 mins
Size: 10.7*3.6 in
Weight: 1.94 lbs
Inlet Diameter: 2.3 in
Insertable Length: 3.8 in

Packing List

Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Manual x1


Buy with caution

Small Entrance

When we communicated with customers, some customers wanted to experience the tightness of a girl’s private parts, so we modeled the design on a 20-year-old Asian woman’s private parts. This may speed up your ejaculation during the experience. After applying lubricant, this problem will be improved.

Short rubber sleeve

In order to allow users to more realistically experience the pleasure of simulated oral sex, we decided to use the automatic telescopic function after discussing with engineers. Such a design will make the internal rubber sleeve only stay at about 5cm. When you remove the lens barrel shell and masturbate, it may not be able to cover the entire penis. but you don’t have to worry because the telescopic and vibrating functions of this device can effectively stimulate the glans and frenulum, and you will enjoy the pleasure of ejaculation brought by friction.

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See how it works

Hi, I'm Jack, the fun planner from the SeekHeart team.

Welcome to discuss with me:

Why I have this proposal?

Long-term male masturbation may cause pathological premature ejaculation.

As men, we should treat ourselves or please ourselves

Unlike traditional masturbators, the transparent window allows you to see the movement of the penis.

  • Apply lubricant, put the penis into the masturbator, and enjoy the pleasure produced by simulating female vaginal friction against the penis.

  • Remove the lens barrel, apply lubricant to the glans, and enjoy the glans and frenulum massage brought by the telescopic function

  • Remove the vagina from the lens barrel, apply lubricant, and insert the glans from the bottom of the labia. You will see the glans continuously thrusting.

Waiting for your proposal!

Let us work together to create proposals for a better experience, and you will help more people experience the endless joy of sex!

Hi, I’m Seekheart's Customer Success Manager: Nicole.(√)

When you encounter various problems such as product quality and delivery during the shopping process or experience, you can contact me. I will work with the solution manager: jack and the entire SeekHeart team to properly solve it for you. Contact information:service