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SEEKHEART 3 Telescopic Handheld Male Masturbator

SEEKHEART 3 Telescopic Handheld Male Masturbator


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1.Three powerful telescoping frequencies provide deep, satisfying stimulation.
2.Targeted focus on the penis shaft enhances your experience.
3.Retro hand-held design offers a nostalgic and pure sensation for ultimate enjoyment.
4.Adjustable positions cater to your desires for pleasure.

Erogenous Zones

Glans and Frenulum

product specifications

Function: Telescoping
Frequency: 3 Frequencies
Material: TPE, ABS
Size: 8.11*4.21*3.78 in
Weight: 1.15 lbs
Inlet Diameter: 1.06 in
Insertable Length: 4.21 in
Power Type: Magnetic Charging
Charging Time: 150 mins
Run Time: 90 mins
Waterproof: IPX5
Mute: <55 dB

Packing List

Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Manual x1


1. Enhance your experience with lubricant for smoother use.
2. Detach the sleeve for easier cleaning.

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Hi, I'm Bella, Solutions Manager on the SeekHeart team. Welcome to contact:

One recent survey found that 96% of men admitted to masturbating; the only thing surprising here is that the answer is not 100%. The survey also found that its respondents said they masturbate, on average, 4 times per week. That's a lot of time spent on masturbation, which is perfectly fine; masturbation is an enjoyable way to spend some time and helps with penis health by keeping the equipment in good shape.

But hey, if a guy does spend a lot of time with his masturbation, it means he may get a little bored. If that happens, it may mean it's time for a guy to freshen things up and make the experience feel new.

With that in mind, I prepared this proposal for a "fresh take" on male self-pleasure.

  • Traditional Stimulation: Feel the most basic sleeve stimulation

    The sleeves can be detached and used manually. You can feel the stimulation of the soft particle ridges wrapping. For novices, this will be a new experience.

  • Home Enjoyment: Enhance experience through Telescopic Stimulation

    For home use, lie back on your bed or sofa, apply a bit of lubricant, and engage its telescopic function to stimulate your penis. Remember to use tissue wrapping or clean up afterward during ejaculation.

  • Stealthy Satisfaction: Discreet Pleasure in Shared Spaces

    If you have roommates and worry about noise, you can use it in the bathroom while showering. It meets the daily waterproof rating, so don't worry. And its appearance resembles a hairdryer, so carrying it in and out of the bathroom won't raise any suspicion.

Waiting for your proposal!

Let us work together to create proposals for a better experience, and you will help more people experience the endless joy of sex!

Hi, I’m Seekheart's Customer Success Manager: Nicole.(√)

When you encounter various problems such as product quality and delivery during the shopping process or experience, you can contact me. I will work with the solution manager: jack and the entire SeekHeart team to properly solve it for you. Contact information:service