Price Commitment

SEEKHEART Team’s Commitment on Product Prices

We will never increase product sales prices first and then conduct price reduction promotions. This is seriously inconsistent with the values we advocate.
If you find similar behavior during the shopping process, you are welcome to give us feedback at If the report is successful, you will receive additional rewards.

If the price of the product you purchased is reduced within 30 days, you will receive price-insured compensation.
For example:
When you purchase 100126104#1, the price is: $69.99. Just a week later, you find that the product has become $59.99, and you will receive a $10 price guarantee.

How to get price difference compensation:
a. You don’t need to take any action. When the price of a product decreases, the SEEKHEART team will screen out a list of those eligible for price difference compensation. After confirming the refund account number with you, the difference will be refunded to you as soon as possible. (recommended√)
b. Contact us via email: or online chat.